Protein Bars

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Chocolate Brownie, Vanilla Chiacake, Matcha Goji, Three Flavors


1 Box of 6 Bars, 1 Bar

  1. Emilie Carlot

    Six words: heaven in your mouth and muscles

  2. James Davies

    I saw the ad on Facebook and unlike usual I checked it out. Glad I did! The search for decent supplements in China is a tiring one, worrying about fake products or high import fees. This company consistently delivers quality products at a great price. Customer service is great too, very helpful. Can’t recommend them enough. IT’S GAINS O’CLOCK MOTHER****ERS, LET’S GOOOO!

  3. Clare

    omgggg, this is the best tasting protein bar i’ve ever had, did you put crack in it?!? it’s so good!!!!!!!!!!? tastes legit like a brownie,i’m so impressed. I’ve been having RX bars mostly in the US, but man this tastes so good haha, new meal replacement no joke

  4. Christian

    I like the protein bar though very dry it’s good.
    So different from all the other brands with a lot of chocolate or peanut butter. Comparing its better…
    Follow Up – – Not sure if u are working on more moist protein bars. But for me you don’t have to do that. I got used to it and I really appreciate the pure protein power. Keep doing that good stuff. Got to order more, and I recommended some of ur stuff to ppl in the gym haha

  5. Lynne

    I have bit pblm now, can’t stop eating this protein bar, Taste so good, What should I do, can’t help myself.

  6. Christopher

    I’m on a really strict diet now so those bars are one of the few snacks I can have for fuel between meals, I’m wasting away here haha.

  7. Emilie

    How I wish I could eat a protein bar right now. Maybe cook soon

  8. Jessica

    We think they are tasty, esp. the vanilla one is quite popular !

  9. Juan

    I got this morning the bars ( brownie and the new flavor) Definitely the new flavor is awesome! So much better in my opinion as the chocolate one for few reasons : it taste incredible and is more easy to swallow and enjoy it! You will get many costumers due this new taste!

  10. King Fontaine

    Bars are good. Taste good. Really light compared to chewy ones I’ve had before.

  11. Emilie

    Can you help me get those protein bars? im craving them, Best deal ever, Greatest deal ever.

  12. Richard

    Delivery arrived on Sunday thank you. Nice bars ??. Will order again. Thanks.

  13. Luyisha

    Bought one box of the Chocolate ones, totally worth it, just ate it once a day with a hot tea, very effective, it helped with slowing down my weight loss (unwanted weight loss haha)

  14. Patrick

    I really like this protein. Best tasting yet to be honest

  15. Patrick

    I ordered from you guys before but just finished the bag today. I really like this protein. Best tasting yet to be honest. Normally I can’t stomach the same flavour again and again, but no problem with this. I did however I’m sorry to say it was super dry though was tasty yes just always needed sth to wash it down with

  16. elliot

    These Bars are the real deal! Over the last 2 months, I have been on a journey to not only lose weight but change my body shape altogether. I have dropped 18kg in under 60 days and have got to the stage where im building again. These bars are “EPIC” in taste and Texture! Hunger gone & cravings satisfied! Definitely, a daily staple for me moving forward. Thanks, Team! Bring on the new flavours 🙂

    Elliot Harley
    Senior VP/CBDO True Nature Group

  17. John

    Those protein bars were good, thanks!

  18. Christian

    Ur bars are great. I hate all those moist peanut butter protein bars.
    Keep the good stuff up and become more succesful please

  19. James

    Hey man, really appreciate the extra protein bars. They’re super useful for a bro the go. Again, amazing company. I move back to England in May and I’m gonna miss the shit out of you guys

  20. Clare

    Dude i love your stuff, this is so good, haha i’m gonna start having this for breakfast
    i love the fact that your stuff actually tastes good, its SO much better than quest and rx bars etc.

  21. gummy bear

    Protein bar tastes amazing, loved it

  22. Konstantin A

    I’ve had many protein bars in my life, but these are next level… especially the vanilla chiacake! LIT AF ????????????

  23. Rich Lester

    Before I found Spirit protein bars, I was fat, single, and pretty unhappy. Now I’m still fat and single but I’ve got chocolate protein bars to eat when I’m hungover so I’m happier.

  24. tim Ramak

    Am so glad I found Spiritnu in China…. great range of clean products and service is great…
    Wasn’t sure on the Matcha Bars when i ordered, but actually really like them. will be ordering a mix of the 3 each time now…

  25. Kleer01

    A great on the go option. Nice flavours. Fast shipping.

  26. Stefanie Candela

    Absolutely in love with the Chocolate Brownie one! Tastes great with some oats and coffee in the morning, my new favorite breakfast!

  27. Adam Stevens

    Just making my way through the 3 flavour box now. I would like to start by saying how delighted I was to find your mixable whey protein as it tastes great, ships fast, and is cheaper than the other brands. I will continue to purchase this and appreciate the brand you have created. About the protein bars though, I am surprised at the positive reviews to be honest. The brownie and vanilla bars are barely edible, but I have never had something so rock solid and unappealing as the matcha bar. I looked at the date stamped on the box and they were made a year ago (sept. 2017). Why are they so hard? Any explanation would be appreciated. Hope you are ok with the truth as I would like to see this product improve going forward.

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