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Are you ready for some mad gains? Have you worked out before and been disappointed by the results? There could be plenty of reasons for that, but it all boils down to not having everything it takes to succeed. At Spirit, we want to make you stronger and we want you to have access to all the knowledge, secrets and tools used by the pros so you can make major progress in achieving the body you want. If you’re serious about your health, if you want to be successful more than you want to be comfortable, then follow along and devote the next 12 weeks to getting in the best shape of your life.
What we’ll cover in this program-
  1. Workouts
    • When we hear from people that they started working out and stopped after a few weeks it kills us. The reason they stop is usually because they don’t know what to do. It takes a huge amount of energy to create meaningful workouts, how many reps, how many sets, what exercises. Leave that repetitive stuff to us and save all of your energy to put into what matters most: today’s workout, today’s progress. Check out the workout calendar, print it out and post it up on your mirror, your dresser, the fridge, on your cubicle wall, hell get a tattoo of it if will help you stick to the plan. Have a look and check out the goodies we have in store for you.
  2. Tracking
    • Have you ever worked out for a while and not seen any results? That’s not going to happen on this program because we’re going to show you how to keep track of your progress and make the adjustments needed to move forward every day. Small, unwavering steps built the great pyramids and as such will you build a great body.
  3. Nutrition
    • If you’ve worked out for some time and not seen big changes in your body, have you wondered what the cause is? Most of the time it’s from lacking proper nutrition. Whether you’re trying to build muscle or lose fat, there are proven ways to eat to reach your goal. We’re packing on muscle in this program so get ready to eat. If you want to build a great building, start with great materials.
  4. Supplements
    •  You’re going kill it in the gym, spend hours in the weight room, the kitchen and sleeping, all for one purpose- to build more muscle. It’s going to be tough work and you don’t want to do all that only to find you’ve made no progress after 3 months. If you want to squeeze every last drop of muscle building benefit out of all that hard work, then back it up with scientifically proven supplements and recover faster and stronger than everyone around you.


CHEST DAY.00_04_41_06.Still009
要增肌了,你准备好了吗?你认识有健身一段时间却对效果很失望的人吗?效果不佳的原因是因为这个人没有具备成功该具备的东西。SN想要你成功, 想要让你#STRONGER。如果你决定换个方式,和SN一起练,一起得到最大的GAINS!接下来的12个星期你会出汗,你会尖叫骂街,你会长肌肉。
训练 Workouts:听到别人说他健身了一段时间然后就不去了让我们特别心疼。 放弃的原因一般是因为不知道到底该如何得到想要的结果。 创作有效果的训练计划需要花不少精力- 从做几下,即组,哪些动作等,很让人不知道从何做起。今后不用再折腾了,把这个费时间的工作交给SN。我们的专业教练用多年的健身经验策划了一个非常高效又容易跟踪的增肌训练计划。 点击进去看看训练的安排和理论。
进度跟踪 Tracking:
你有没有健身一段时间却看不到效果? 这种痛苦到此结束因为我们要告诉你怎么样简单科学的跟踪你的进度,怎么样调节才能每天有进步。 不停往前的脚步建了长城,你的梦想身材也是如此创造的。
营养 Nutrition:
如果训练都正确还见不到效果,原因99%就是营养不到位。 无论是增肌还是减脂,有科学的方法来实现你的目标。这个教程的目标就是长肌肉所以准备吃,吃,然后再吃。 想建豪宅就用好建材。
你将会在健身房卖命练,花很多时间在健身房,厨房和床上(别想歪了!)。增肌是一个艰难的任务,所以我们折腾一个季节一定要看到大的变化!为了保证我们的努力能不是白花的,一定要注意补充助于重建肌肉的营养补给。 怎么吃?怎么搭配?什么时候吃?不再是难题了,看我们的专辑就会了!


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