They’re not just for pro athletes, they’re for anyone serious about maximizing their health and performance, anyone passionate about achieving their fitness goals. You wouldn’t drive a race car without motor oil, and you shouldn’t push your body without proper nutritional support. On this program you’ll be training hard, tearing muscle fibers, fatiguing your body and pushing your limits, so consider a boost with supplements that will keep you going and accelerate your recovery.
Can you make progress without supplements?
Can you drive a car with flat tires?
I want to give my body everything it needs to maximize performance, that’s why when I’m trying to build muscle I use the following supplements to boost performance, accelerate recovery and maximize results.

Whey Protein:

Derived from milk, whey protein is embraced by athletes around the world for its performance benefits. Whey is a fast digesting protein that provides your body with the amino acids required to build new muscle tissue and protect existing tissue.


Fuel is a multi function recovery/gainer drink. We’re interested in both recovering faster, and making big gains. Containing around a 50/50 ratio of Whey Protein and fast digesting carbs, FUEL not only replenishes muscle glycogen, but also provides essential protein and BCAAs to support muscle growth.


One of the most popular supplements behind protein, Creatine is found in red meat and can increase muscle power, size and strength. There is extensive research proving the safety and effectiveness of creatine not only for muscle growth but also many other areas such as cognitive enhancement.


A group of 3 essential amino acids found in foods such as chicken, beef, eggs and fish, BCAAs are building blocks of muscle protein that support lean muscle growth while providing a buffer of energy to prevent muscle breakdown during strenuous exercise.


The most abundant free amino acid in the body and required for various important biological functions, such as the immune system. Glutamine can decrease muscle breakdown, increase muscle growth, boost recovery and immune function.

Fish Oil:

Fish Oil is one of the best sources for Omega 3 fatty acids, which have numerous benefits. Beyond cardiovascular, cognitive and joint health, these Omega 3s have also been proven to enhance lean muscle growth.


Required for the transport of fatty acids into mitochondrial matrix for energy production, supplementing L-Carnitine can increase the rate at which fat is metabolized. This means not only leaner muscle tissue, but the extra energy can offset protein digestion, allowing for greater muscle gains from a given diet.


A naturally occurring fatty acid found in red meats and dairy, CLA is involved in a number of signaling pathways within cells and can boost metabolism while inhibiting processes that cause fat storage in the cells.

How do I take these to maximize muscle growth?

This is an approximate schedule to take the supplements, I adjust the dosage and timing according to how my body feels. For example, if I miss a meal and start feeling hungry, I know there is some muscle breakdown occurring, so I’ll slam some FUEL as soon as possible to get some quick energy and spare the muscle. On non-workout days I skip the workout shake but take everything else, as I’m still recovering and feeding growing muscle tissue. The following supplements are color coded according to varying levels of experience and availability in SN’s Muscle Building Stacks.

Basic Stack – Black

Just the basics for anyone wanting to make some gains.

Pro Stack – Blue

Everything from the basic stack and more for those serious about packing on muscle.

Legend Stack – Red

Everything from the Pro Stack + CLA and L-Carnitine to stay as shredded as possible while you gain.

  1. Wake Up Shake
    1. FUEL 2 Scoops (65g)
    2. L-Glutamine 1 Scoop (5g)
    3. CLA 1 Scoop (5g)
    4. L-Carnitine 1 Scoop (3g)
  2. Fish Oil – 2-3g (2-3 Pills)
  3. Breakfast 30 minutes later (warriors can combine into one monster shake)
Mid Morning Snack
  1. Whey Protein 1 Scoop
  1. CLA 1 Scoop (5g)
  2. Fish Oil – 2-3g (2-3 Pills)
Workout Shake – (Workout Days) Drink 1/2 before working out and 1/2 after… or throughout workout
  1. FUEL 3-4 Scoops (65-100g)
  2. Creatine 1 Scoop (5g)
  3. BCAA 2 Scoops (10g)
  4. L- GLutamine 1 Scoop (5g)
  5. L-Carnitine 1 Scoop (3g)
  6. Water 1 Liter
After Dinner
  1. CLA 1 Scoop (5g)
  2. Fish Oil – 2-3g (2-3 Pills)
Goodnight Shake
  1. Whey Protein 1-2 Scoops (30-60g) (this amount depends on how full I am from dinner and how torn my muscles feel)
  2. L-Glutamine 1 Scoop (5g)
  3. BCAAs 1 Scoop (5g)
How do you increase your performance?
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