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Spirit Nutrition is a company formed by athletes, for athletes. Because current proteins couldn’t meet our high demands, we started developing Spirit Whey. After countless formulas, tests and gym sessions, SN Whey has matured into the secret weapon of our friends, family and gym buddies. Now our mission is to help you reach your true potential faster by providing high quality nutrition with no compromises.



Why do we use all natural stevia?


As a health conscious athlete, you stay on top of what goes in your body. But did you know most proteins are sweetened with questionable artificial sweeteners (Aspartame, Sucralose, Ace K…)? The long term effects of these sweeteners have been subject of debate for many years. Scientists have claimed that these sweeteners can cause weight gain, mental issues and even cancer. As the safety of these substances is still questionable, at SN we SAY NO to Artificial Sweeteners. Instead, we use only ALL NATURAL plant derived STEVIA to provide you with the best taste and peace of mind.


Our mission statement

The Spirit of the athlete is in you, and we’ll help you bring it out through high quality, tested sports nutrition. We created Spirit Nutrition because we couldn’t find a whey protein that we would eat in this country at a reasonable price. If you’re sick of begging friends to smuggle your protein in, we’ve got you covered. We’ve rethought every aspect of the business to bring you supplements of better quality than Western standards at the same price you would pay at home. Every product we make is developed by athletes, for athletes. So join us in getting the most out of your workouts, because we guarantee that if we wouldn’t use it every day, we wouldn’t sell it.


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