Gains come, and go, But Spirit Lives Forever.

Dear friends, family and supporters far and wide,

I’m Rob Rast, the founder and CEO of Spirit Nutrition. Today we have paused production and sales of Spirit Nutrition’s complete product line.

I started Spirit Nutrition in 2014 because I couldn’t find a good protein in China for a reasonable price. I searched far and wide and spent countless hours reverse engineering my favorite proteins, taking out everything I didn’t like and developing my own blends. The word spread and before I knew it, Spirit Nutrition was born – providing the finest, cleanest protein to athletes, bodybuilders and health nuts throughout the country.

We had a fantastic run, making and sharing these products with you. But now the time has come to pass the torch. My Electric Bike business in the US has exploded and requires my full attention. I don’t see myself returning to China as soon as I hoped, and so it is with great sadness that I am turning the chapter on Spirit Nutrition and passing it on to the next owner.

With this move and new ownership we hope Spirit can live to it’s true potential. To provide you with the best supplements at great prices and make sure you have everything you need to accomplish your goals.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.
Stay Strong,
Rob Rast
Founder and CEO, Spirit Nutrition

Do You Know Someone Who Should Run This Business?

Spirit Nutrition is a fantastic business with huge potential. If you know someone passionate about fitness and nutrition, who would love to help supply clean protein to hungry athletes, please help spread the word!

The Offer:

  • Customer Base
    • Loyal Customers on Multiple Sales Channels
    • Wholesale Clients
    • Gyms, National Sports Teams, Boxing Clubs, etc
  • All of Spirit Nutrition’s IP and Assets
    • Proprietary Formulas (Clean Protein, Natural Flavors)
      • Whey Protein 3 Flavors
      • Fuel Gainer 2 Flavors
      • Protein Bars – 3 Flavors
  • Supply Chain
    • Raw Ingredients
    • Packaging Partners
    • Protein Co-Packer
    • Protein Bar Co-Packer
    • Additional Supplements
  • Distribution Network
    • Negotiated Third Party Warehouses (Shanghai & Beijing)
    • Great Rates
  • Storefronts:
    • Taobao Store
    • Domain and Ecommerce/Content Website
    • Weidian
  • Licenses and Permits
    • Business License
    • Food Permit
  • Social Media
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • All ad account history (great for getting word out)
    • Wechat Public Accounts

If you were to start from scratch, these things would take years of hard work (trust me, I did it). Skip the headache and pick up right where we’ve left off with this turn key business.

To discuss further, you can contact me below:
Email: rwrast (at) gmail
Wechat id: Robert577292
Instagram: @rob.rast

Spirit Nutrition