Do you even lift? These fine athletes did at Beijing’s first official Crossfit Competition. Spirit was honored to provide some killer protein to these iron warriors

Beijing Throwdown_20151205-IMG_1104-HDRBeijing Throwdown_20151205-IMG_1327Beijing Throwdown_20151205-IMG_1263Beijing Throwdown_20151205-IMG_1299

Of course we couldn’t let the athletes have all the fun, so we had a little pullup competition of our own…

Beijing Throwdown_20151205-IMG_1199Beijing Throwdown_20151205-IMG_1026

Congratulations to 冯浩 and 杨颖, winners of the pullup competition and 1lb of Spirit’s finest protein. You deserve it!

Beijing Throwdown_20151205-IMG_1040

Beijing Throwdown_20151205-IMG_1027

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Beijing Throwdown_20151205-IMG_1243

Beijing Throwdown_20151205-IMG_1282Beijing Throwdown_20151205-IMG_1331

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Great job champs!

Beijing Throwdown_20151205-IMG_1485Beijing Throwdown_20151205-IMG_0990



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