[:en]You want to max your progress at the gym and you’ve seen our Pause Set video, but what do you do when you’re lifting so heavy that you could barely squeeze out 1 or 2 reps on your pause set? Enter the DROP SET. A drop set allows you to get the same muscle tearing, deliciousness out of your final set in a safe way. We recommend doing a Pause Set for lighter weights and higher rep ranges (9+) and a drop set for lower rep ranges (1-8) and heavy weights. Watch Chris demonstrate on bench in the video below. Drop sets can be used for almost any exercise, where will you use it?

[:zh]你想要健身起到最棒的效果而且你已经看过我们的暂停组视频。但是举大重量的时候还能用Pause Set刺激肌肉吗?大重量做暂停组的话,有可能1下都做不了,在这个时候怎么办?  答案就是Drop Set – 重量递减组。 重量递减组能够让你安全的再次刺激肌肉。我们建议次数高(9+)用暂停组, 次数低的时候(1-8)用重量递减组。看看Chris教练示范一下卧推的重量递减组!


  1. 任何动作次数做到极限
  2. 最后一下,完全推不动的时候把重量安全地放下(注意安全,记得用保护)
  3. 立即减低约25%的重量然后立即再做一组到极限
  4. 享受肌肉撕裂的感受!这是你赢得的。


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